I am a dynamic personality, a Mindset and Relationships Coach trainer, speaker, author of two books [“God wants you to know” and “Africans think and grow rich“], as well as single mother of two amazing daughters.

My coaching is all about unlocking individual potential to maximize performance and enable positive change. Thanks to the teaching of my grandmother, I discovered I had the ability to heal my body from within using my own energy. She taught me how to meditate, communicate with the nature and connect to my spirituality. She was my hero! Thanks to her I can now teach others how to heal their trauma.

To achieve this healing, I use ICM (Inner Child Meditation), a technique which will help you to reconnect with your inner power to manifest all you have ever dreamt of and how to be happy and peaceful. At its core is an underpinning philosophy that you already have the answers you need. By engaging with the ICM coaching process, the untapped potential within you will be released i