Über Steffi de Jong

Your Guidance this week: Steffi de Jong is a Sound Temple Keeper, Womb Initiator, Mother and Sisterhood Weaver using nature as her sacred playing field! She shares her gift of awakening the power of the voice in others and using the magic of sound as a tool for deep healing and transformation. www.steffidejong.nl

Rinske de Jong is an intuitive artist, temple keeper and nature lover who embodies oneness on a physical level with her identical twin sister Steffi. She radiates a pure, sensual frequency of love and invites crystal clear boundaries to hold a deep safe place. With her art she invites the invisible and high frequencies within others and here on Earth. www.rinskedejong.nl

Barbara is an Earth-mother, Cacao-medicine woman, tribe-weaver, Crone and HeartIQ circle facilitator, Coach en Yoga Teacher. Her greatest gifts are building bridges between the generations and weaving the threads of life into a vast net that supports her, her community and those around her. www.samudita.com