Gemischtes Retreat The Joy of Love Retreat Mallorca im Mai

09.05. bis 14.05. 2024 Finca Ses Covetes, Mallorca
«In diesem Retreat fokussieren wir auf Liebesbeziehungen und Freundschaften. Mittels geführten Meditationen, innere Kind Übungen, Zweierübungen, leichtem Yoga und Tanz, Meer und Natur verbinden wir uns tief mit uns Selbst und lernen Tools, wie wir mehr Bewusstsein ins Thema Liebe bringen können.»

Was erwartet dich.

Datum: 09.05. bis 14.05. 2024
In the Joy of Love Retreat we will explore and expand our capacity of love, in relationships and in friendships. We develop the skills and insights needed in order to co-create conscious love relationships. When we enter love relationships we are usually not aware of what this might bring to the surface. We fall in love (or not) and think that’s it. But love relationships bring out the best and the worst in us. The more intimate we get the more it brings forth our wounded inner parts, the early experiences of loss, rejection or invasion that the so called “inner child” has experienced in the respective family system. And if we do not have tools or know how to navigate through stormy times of relationships, we might feel like in an endless trial and error game, and either separate or never get into the "right" relationships. Learning Love, a work founded by Krishnananda and Amana Trobe, gives us tools how to navigate through such phases. It is a non pushing, conscious way of learning to be with the wounded parts in us, to feel and reconnect to the “inner child” in us. It’s also about learning to activate life energy to be able to set boundaries if needed and to meditate in order to be able to be with difficult emotions once they show up. Learning Love focusses on the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of relationships. The Retreat will be held in English/German. Das Retreat wird auf Englisch/Deutsch geführt.
Der Kurs eignet sich für: Alle Level
Im Mehrbettzimmer: CHF 966 Im Doppelzimmer: CHF 966 Im Einzelzimmer: CHF 1066
Inbegriffen sind: Übernachtungen in Einzel- oder Doppelzimmern, 2 Mahlzeiten, Tee & Snacks, Yoga, Meditationen, alle Kurse, Yogamatten, Sitzkissen, Props, Ausflug zum Meer.
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